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Kevin Jennings is procrastinating his Silverlight lessons.

learn Silverlight
The path to riches?

I’m currently a C# developer and I’m trying to learn Silverlight. The reason being, I have a friend that is a C#/Silverlight developer and they insist that Silverlight is a hot commodity for developers right now. His current company does all of their development in Silverlight and all of the developers get to work from home (the company insists on it!). I want that kind of work freedom. Heh, if I could work from home, that means I could live anywhere. Which ties into my other list item: Moving to Florida. We’re desperately looking for a way to move to St. Augustine, Florida. We hate living in Mississippi (mostly because of the small town we live in that has nothing of interest). So, I’m hoping that by learning Silverlight I’ll be able to get a “dream job” that will enable us to get out of here and live happily ever after in the oldest functioning city in the U.S.



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