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Artemis Im baaaaaack

compile a 100-things-about-me list
Yey! I made it!

1. I am Colombian
2. I am really proud of my family
3. I still sleep with my teddy bear
4. I dream of building a home and a family
5. I am Jewish
6. I love my Nintendo
7. I have never fallen in love
8. I have never had a relationship
9. I have green eyes
10. I love shopping
11. I do not like by lower body
12. I am very inpatient
13. I am very impulsive
14. I am very sensible
15. I love cooking
16. I really love sushi
17. I am a night owl
18. I hate moving and i have been doing it a lot lately
19. I left home when i was 17 to come to study in Europe
20. I was really spoiled and overprotected
21. I am stronger than i think
22. People didn’t believe in me coming to Europe alone but i proved them wrong
23. I am 22 and already have a diploma which is almost equal to a master
24. I am addicted to watching silly videos on Youtube
25. Addicted to facebook
26. I love cold and snow but my favorite season is autumn
27. I do not like hot days
28. I love pets
29. I do not know how to iron clothes
30. I believe im special but i dont show it or say it
31. I love spending time online
32. I want to paraglide
33. I have never been to Paris
34. I am addicted to coffee
35. I am lazy
36. I very scared of the death of my close ones
37. I never have an all time favourite song, im always changing
38. I love dancing salsa
39. I love traveling
40. I adore the simpsons!
41. I used to be bullied at school
42. Its hard for me to take criticism
43. I love buying and giving gifts
44. Im very bad in keeping surprises
45. I love purple
46. I like playing poker
47. I have 2 citizenships
48. I love being creative
49. I have a talent for computer programs
50. I love cartoons and disney movies
51. I love reading
52. My favorite perfum is Burberry London
53. My 2 favorite designers are Burberry and Marc Jacobs
54. My 2 favorite shops are Esprit and S.Oliver
55. I love Israel
56. I hate mondays
57. I love Garfield since i was a little girl
58. I feel better around older people
59. I believe in true love and in “the one”
60. I love how i met your mother, big bang theory, glee, outsourced, modern family
61. I love my parents with all my heart
62. I had 2 strong car crashes and im scared of woman drivers
63. I dont like to be alone, but i am alone a lot
64. I love supermarkets
65. I never had a surprise party
67. Im a libra and i identify with the typical characteristics
68. I suck at managing my money
69. I love the night sky, the moon and the stars
70. I love british accent
71. I hate bugs
72. I am a good listener
73. I get jelous easily
74. Im very punctual
75. I love hugs
76. I love working
77. I am homesick
78. I love roses, tullips, orchids, sunflowers and alstroemerias
79. I love nice papers, color pens and desk stuff
80. I have curly hair
81. I am very very very very ticklish
82. I love reading before falling asleep
83. I can sleep a lot!
84. I am very indecisive
85. I hate doing laundry, washing dishes and vaccuming
86. I love steak
87. I love burned things, burned toast, burned cheese, burned marshmallows…
88. I worry too much
89. I love food
90. I really struggle to wake up in the morning
91. I enjoy having the choice to go curly or straight
92. Im very critical with myself
93. I have never seen a shooting star
94. I think and hope i will be a good girlfriend, wife and mom
95. I never dyed my hair
96. I am proud of the things I have done so far
97. I love that i have very clear who i am and what i want
98. My teddy bear is named Osi
99. I’m grumpy in the morning
100. I believe that everything is for the good.



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