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Weph fierce!

visit all 50 states (read all 4 entries…)

impromptu trip to michigan will be happening this weekend.

i’m going with one of my favorite people
to see one of my favorite bands
what a lucky girl
can’t wait


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Weph fierce!


if you are unfamiliar, have a look!

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Weph fierce!

Follow Up!

Traveling to Michigan was great times!

It was very interesting seeing the current economic state of Detroit. S

Seeing Canada from 50+ stories high was breathtaking.

Traveling around town and stopping at random fun places made me so happy.

Nothing, nothing, NOTHING compares to the super extreme excitement at the Foxy Shazam concert!

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Geri Richmond is taking down Christmas decorations


We have seen quite a few states, but, there is a lot more to see. Good for you. How many states have you seen?

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