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overcome borderline personality disorder
ugh, where to begin...

I’m just wondering if loneliness and BPD are related. It seems like it’s almost entirely impossible for me to feel and/or maintain a connection with anyone. This affects my relationships immensely and I wish I could just relate to someone and feel that they actually understand what it’s like. I’m grateful and very lucky to have a few close people to me who love me with my flaws and all & are somewhat supportive of me. I hate this. And I’m curious to know if this is something people with BPD are born with, although most books will say that it is often a result due to a poor childhood upbringing. I’m not completely convinced. Even more concerning is the question if I’ll always feel this way for the rest of my life. Feeling hopeless and praying to get a job asap with insurance benefits so I can get to a psychiatrist.


"feeling this way the rest of your life"

So many of the feelings I thought I´d have for the rest of my life I don´t have anymore. When you´re in it it feels like it will be around forever. More than anything, I thought I would never be in a relationship where I felt loved. And, guess what, now I am. The future is just that: the future. You can´t know what will happen. One thing is almost for sure though—-it won´t be the same as today. Hang in there.

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