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Lilnikki78 Wing Progress - Progrrssing Fairly[:<3

grow wings (read all 31 entries…)
This is a story im writing, what do u guys think?

Roxxie’s Wings

Im running in the woods, the warm spring breese blows with my light brown hair indecating that the first spring rain storm is about to roll in. My light purple eyes are shinning as the little bit of sun that is breaking though the clouds shine in my eyes. I jump up and land in a tree. I look down to see nothing. Then I feel myself falling. I jump as I wake up from that dream. I look around im in the same place as always having the same dream, I look around then relise that Marissa is over me looking at my face with a big smile. I jump again from shock. “Marissa what are you doing?!” She looks down and starts to play a little game of thumb war with her self “I just…” she sighs and contiunes “Im sorry Roxxie.” I give her a hug and tell her its okay. Still alittle jumpy, I look around to see who else is awake. Everyone is out of the room. “Where is everyone?” I ask. “They went out for alittle.” Marissa replys. I wonder why she didnt go. “Hmmm, okay then.”

This is the lay out of our small little family. There is 8 of us total. I’m Roxxie Ann. Im the oldest,the fastest and strongest. I am also the leader of our pack. I am 13 years old. Next is Alex, he is the second oldest, but the least meture of us all. He is 13 too, but ive been 13 longer. Alex is the one that loves to get in troble and act like he did nothing. That makes it a whole lost easier for me. Then there is Near who is 11. He is the most helpful to me. He is always by my side asking what I need help with. Near has a twin sister named Lea. She to is 11. She is different them Near, she is the one that likes to have her fun and play video games. Serena is 10. Her and Lea are the best of friends, they go everywhere together, never leaving each other sides. She is the one that loves to be adventureous (I still wonder how they get along). Princess is 7 1/2 and she loves little kids. She has always loves to help me with the younger ones. She is always making the food for the clan and helping with beds. She is tied for first place with Near. The last three are all 6 years old. First is Raven, she is the one who likes to plan everything and make sure it is all perfect. Jordan is the one that likes to hide in the dark places. Trust me, he is the best person in the world that hide-and-seek. Lastly there is Kyle. He is the one that loves animals. He is always bringing in stray animals that he finds. He never lets an animal get hurt or left behind. One more thing that might help you along with this adventure, this family, is a clan of vampires.


stranger6624 is 100 laps in the pool following orders

awsome story you should consider being a wrighter some day you’ve got a good imagension

Lilnikki78 Wing Progress - Progrrssing Fairly[:<3


thanks Stanger6624 i have wrote many stories as it is, but i think this is the best yet.

Bloom wants to sell cosplay stuff she made online

definatly the best!

Lilnikki78 Wing Progress - Progrrssing Fairly[:<3


Thnks bloom, I got bored the other day and wanted to write, them it turned to this. here is th nexy paragraph that i wrote.

(A closer look at the family). Like I said, I am Roxie ann, we all got to pick our names because we have no real family…wait…no we have the only family we could ever need, we have eachother. My hair is a light brown that is alittle longer then the “Shoulder lenght” for hair. I am about 5’6. I have my light purple eyes that pops from everyone. How did I get my purple eyes may you ask, well I don’t even really know, all I do is that when I became a vampire, alot of werid things happened to me, like my eyes, my hair changed from bright blonde to a light brown. I gained speed and strenght as I aged. Also, my human age my be 13, but I am the oldest in vampire age, fore I am 258 years old. Alex have black hair. He likes to keep it at a short lenght but long in the front to beable to spick it up in the front. On the part that he spikes up, he have a redish color mixed. Alex is about 5’4. His eyes are a dark brown, almost black, but there is a hint of brown in them that lets you know he is still there. He is not all that fast, but he tries to stay up with me, well atleast when he does when he is not playing his video games. Alex is much younger then me. He is only 183 years old, but he is happy he has been one that long. Near is one of the nicest, sweetest children out there. He has a light brown hair color like me(everyone sweares that me and him are related). Near has longish but still short hair, he has the cutest little curles that hang down. He has bright blue eyes. He is always twisting it when he is thinking, haha. Near is about 4’11 or 5 foot. Near is one of the younger ones, he is almost 100 years old, fore he is only 96 years now. Lea is a sweety too.she has very long hair, it is about almost to her knees. Lea is the same hight as Near. Near and Lea are both the same age for vampire years too. There is not much to say about Lea, because most of it was said about Near. Serena has dark brown hair that is about shulder lenght. She has gray eyes, ever seen some one like that… well then again we are vampires. She is good at being adventureous at times, other then those times, you might not want to take the video games away from her, unless, you know, you wanna lose a finger or something, hehehe. She is about 4’6. She another young vampire, she is 128. Princess is the girl that would win all of the pagents. She has Long black hair that is almost to the floor. She has some pretty eyes, he eyes are a reall pretty shade of pink. She is always with me and Marissa. Princess is about 4’8. She is one of the youngest vampires. She is 73 years old in vampire age. Marissa is just like Princess. She has bright blonde hair that is almost to her butt. She has light red eyes, almost pink, but they are more of a red. She loves to dress up with Princess. I’m just there to watch them and be the “judge”. Marrisa is about 4’4. She is the youngest vampire here. She is 69 years old. she is not much younger then Princess. Jordan have long black hair. He likes to keep it in his face alot. He has pitch black eyes all the way. When ever we can’t find him, we know where to look, any where dark. He is about 4’5. He is pretty old in hid vampire age. He is up in the higher ranking by me, his vampire age is 237. Lastly there is Kyle. He is a blonde too. He keep his hair down but he always keeps everyone spirits up. He is always up with a smile. He has hazel eyes that makes everyone fall in love with him. He is about 4’6. His vampire age is 117.

MidnightVixen1 I feel like pudding. Pudding with nerve endings, pudding in pain.

Sounds like maximum ride. And just a revomendatipn, everytime you describe her doing something don’t say I, it’s kind of obnoxious for some like me. Mix it up and it’ll rock

Lilnikki78 Wing Progress - Progrrssing Fairly[:<3


hey thanks for the tips Midnight, but how would i say something without I in it?
And sorry that is woulds like maximum ride, i am trying to go get that, but i guess i did, i wonder how it is like it when its about vampires and not people with wings o.O


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