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Become a vampire (read all 57 entries…)
Descendent into Chaos

Haha, I leave for awhile and this whole site falls back to chaos.
How come there seems to always have to be some arrogant prick trying to convince everyone he is Mr. super vampire?

Why don’t you people instead try to discuss historical leads, proposed methods, debate amongst yourselves the philosphy why vampirism is appealing and what you “really” seek to gain, etc..

Mean while…

Darkxxx: I know you won’t listen, but kust some friendly advice, drop the ego, clearly no one is buying it and no one is impressed.

FunkyJunky: He is a cookie cutout of the vampire wannabe, they feed off the chance to act arrogant and down others, sooner or later he will realize his games accomplish nothing and will start begging like the rest, like Azazel, Deathbringer and that whole group, as well as Sebastian and Bllova the few still left on here.

Bllova: Don’t you feel kinda stupid having claimed to be a vampire?
Particually after claiming you would come kick my butt, yet failed to even show up after I gave you an address to prove yourself haha

SissyWeber: Mind posting your age? I might have something your interested, but naturally I can’t offer anything to those in high school and what not.

Everyone else, Cheers


(This comment was deleted.)

Haha, Yes it was settled long ago Azazel was a fake every bitched at first then praised me once he abandoned you all and Bllova himself now admits to not being a vampire and I only point that out because he himself made such a big deal of it, he claimed to be a all powerful vampire general in Azazels army that would kick my ass, so don’t talk shit and you do not get shit, simple.

Secondly who is starting the fight me? or you?
I simply stated you should all be civilized and productive, do you really disagree?
You went from pretend vampire, to begging, to suicide threats, you can take out your fustration on me, but everyone realizes your arguement does not have a leg to stand on.

Thirdly who here has fame?! haha
Boy your life must be boring if you really count being a pretend vampire on this site as come great sucess and if you remember I never once claimed to be a vampire, everyone just assumed such, seeing as anyone who has actually talked to me seems to get that impression.

(This comment was deleted.)

Yes, yes Mr. Billionare world controlling vampire had time for 43things but suddenly had to leave.

Please, I was on hear when he first came on, I still have his fake vampire spell saved, the Azazel is a fake arguement was settled long ago, his reasons were simple he promised to help everyone and helped no one, eventually people got fed up with all his lies, so he left in shame.

(This comment was deleted.)
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Untitled - Sebastian Black

i agree he was a fake liar, even if he had to leave why is he not coming back…. you’ll never see him again and the sooner you’ll get it the easier it will be for you

(This comment was deleted.)

you are mad bc u cant become on of us no need to say things about ppl u dont know

Um where did I say I was mad?
and I certainly do not want to be like you, an ignorant and delusion fool, no thank you.

well from what I see this azazel , and certain others have run like little pups with their tails between their legs !!!!! and I don’t see any of them returning to “help” anyone ! so who cares ! get over it already ! omg , Ai is the only 1 I have seen so far that is trying to talk sense into you guys and of course you don’t wanna listen because you have all been brainwashed by a scared little boy ! for crying out loud get over it already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad someone can see the obvious, but sadly your about the only one.

things are changing ae_ceilo

my claims were never fake. my threats were always real. i am a vampire i am immortal. i never claimed a thing that wasn’t real. however you come and ruin the faith of the people here. you make it harder for them to believe and make it so that they will die as all morals must. i understand and respect what your trying to do but you need to let the people do there own choices.

Well I can point out the many contradictions, but the fastest way would be to point out your threats are obviously fake as my ass has yet to be kicked haha.

Secondly as for letting people make there own choices, your trying to encourage worship of you wannabe vampires, all I have done is point out the foolishness of your claims.

And lastly to all “immortals” invest some of that endless life towards learning to spell haha.

and trust me your ass would be kicked but my girl despises the use of violence. so thank her for your still existing

I’ve never asked for worship I’ve never asked to even be admired. i just want people to live the life they want to live.

finally why learn to spell. we don’t have to prove anything to prove to you. your so primitive incapable of superior thought and stuck in your own petty things instead of thinking of the people here. why spell correctly for those who are fools

Your excuse was different last time haha, plus that is a contradiction, she does not mind you talk shit all the time, but gets mad when you keep your word, what nonsense.

You came on told everyone your life story thou no one was interested, braging that your azazel’s General, even thou he denied that haha your want attention like every other vampire wannabe.

Why learn? Really?!
Your saying your content being a fool, because you believe I am a fool? Where is the sense in that?

it’s not keeping my word that she’s against it’s killing people and I’m trying not to talk shit about you either because she doesn’t like us having enemies but you make that so hard

i don’t care about attention all i want is for the others to realize there dreams

and it isn’t not to learn I’m saying that spelling has no practical implications. why in 2000 years the common languages will have changed and then we would just have to restart. it;s not because we’re fools that we have no need for correct spelling it’s that we shouldn’t get too preoccupied in the doing of humans because there hardly content with anything for more than a second

yea bllova we heard it before from your friend …. Azazel


Um….i have some questions and i’d really appreciate it if you could answer them?

I don’t know how else to contact you….

So email me at



Weren’t you one of those insane Azazel devotees?

I am afraid I don’t remember you well, but assumed I fought with you.

But sure ask away, as I mentioned before I will answer most things, nothing personal of course, but this subject wise sure.

Thou I prefer to do so on here for reference for others, with the same questions, that way I don’t have to repeat myself as often.

Ai_Cielo has gotten 4 cheers on this entry.


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