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Things That Make Me Smile

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Things That Make Me Smile

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Bikerslut has cootchie itch

List 100 Things That Make Me Smile
things that make me smile

1. a five dollar bill for a rock
2. Waffle House
3. finding a Starbuck’s someone threw out—with coffee left in it!
4. new dentures
5. being able to take my dentures out
6. giving head
7. getting paid for giving head
8. Vagisil (not the generic kind!)
9. Walmart gift card
10. spandex
11. Newports
12. Colt 45
13. Pixie Stix
14. Cheetos
15. the 99 cent store
16. someone giving me their bus transfer
17. peroxide
18. Kiss of Mint condoms
19. my fake Louey Vitton purse
21. guys with motorcycles
22. outlaw bikers
23. Jesse James and Kat von D
24. NOT Sandra Bullock
25. harleys
26. the feel of motor oil on my cootch
27. anal sex
28. leather thong for valentines day
29. getting flogged
30. Massengil
31. Ozzy
32. a whole double cheeseburger all for me
33. getting to stay until morning
34. semen
35. double penetration
36. triple penetration
37. passing out
38. gang bangs


redanara on the pipe


Once I thought there was coffee in the Starbucks cup cuz it was warm but it was not coffee and a little bitter


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