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verity96 is auditioning for a project

Read the Bible
come on!!!

Ever have some books that you just try to read but then put them down, books that you don’t even find that bad, just for some reason never seem to finish?
Well, the bible is that sort of book for me. I have managed to get the the end of genesis, but that is it. That was months ago and i have read loads of books since.
Lets manage to finish reading the bible soon!


A lot of the bible is tedious

There’s no way to sugar coat that one, but it’s sort of like fishing. A lot of waiting for something to happen, but there are a lot of amazingly profound, comical, inspiring, and disgusting moments which make the Bible worth the slog. Unfortunately the only way to encounter these passages is to read the whole thing. Something to note, the Pentateuch is considerably older than the rest of the bible. It was oral tradition and many of the elements of modern story-telling (Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Denouement) which just don’t exist. As we get closer to our time, the stories become richer with more complex literary structure. They become much easier and enjoyable to read, so hang in there.

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