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What Make Me Happy

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Find things that make me happy and do them.
I'm so out of touch with myself...

I realize that more everyday… I’m not always the nicest person & I don’t mean other people harm it’s just that I am so miserable inside. Ive gained so much weight taking out the pain others & I have caused on myself with my obsession with food… I hate to admit but its disgusting. I need time for me to find my way back to the happy me that I loved. So I’m going to take sometime perhaps a few months finding & remembering the things that make me happy & step by step I’m going to do them.

Step one… Losing weight—believe it or not I love working out… stress is gone time for me to think about me & my issues. I work out my pain & sadness… I think about a bad memory and I walk * walk * walk until the pain is gone…on to the next…



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