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Keri Smith 100 Ideas

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#94 list 10 of your habits

1. I am a night owl. Not someone trying to rebel, or a partier, a true night owl. I don’t oversleep, in fact, sometimes I only get 6 hours, or sometimes barely any sleep because I need to get up. Left to my own devices, I go to bed around 4 or 5, and get up at 12 or one. I work evenings, so this works. When I was in college for two years, I thought I would die. I had to get up at about 6:30, but I rarely went to bed before midnight. I could go to bed at 10, but I wouldn’t sleep. When I do this, I end up in a state best described as lucid hallucination. Horrible.

2. I drink coffee. I don’t want to have too much, so I usually limit myself to two or three cups a day. I am afraid of having the headaches etc. if I can’t have a cup in the morning for whatever reason.

3. I like to read before I go to sleep. I have done this my whole life. My whole family used to sit in bed and read at night. I can’t be somewhere without a book, even waiting somewhere.

4. I read on the toilet. I made a joke to the other librarian about wondering how many people read a particular book while they were on the can. She looked horrified, apparently she doesn’t do that.

5. I compulsivley make things. I like to make something most nights, unless I’m tired. When I am visiting my Mom, I have to take stuff with me.

6. I buy things. I try not to shop more than once a week, but I seem to need to buy something fun (not necessarily expensive) regularly.

7. I paint my toenails. I never bother with my finger nails, it gets chipped all to crap in a single day. I have likely had polish on my nails consecutively for over 10 years. Maybe a day or two without, but it freaks me out.

8. I analyze. Everything.

9. I like to rant to my husband and really let it all out about everyone and everything. I am rude, presumptuous, crude, etc. He listens with half an ear while he mucks about on the computer. I have no other outlet, really.

10. I spend time with my animals nearly every day. I love talking to them and petting them and watching them. I know their personalities, and their relationships with each other. I love just sitting bareback on the horses out in the pasture without the pressure of going for a ride. I just lay down on their necks with my eyes closed while they eat and listen to them and smell them and feel the sun on their hair. I don’t like being somewhere for very long that doesn’t have animals. I find it soothing to pet them.


Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.


for animals and spending time with them. I recently had my dog go live at a friends for a month. (I could not walk well). and now that he is back, I find i am much calmer, just with him laying beside me….


I love animals more than I love most people.

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