Weigh 140 lbs (read all 4 entries…)
getting sued for custody did it

Haha… just kidding! Sort of…

True, I lost 19 lbs within a month of getting hit with a child custody trial that I was not emotionally or financially prepared for (is anyone really prepared for something like that?) but I gained 10 lbs back, thank God. People were starting to worry about me because I was getting too thin.

I am under 140 but I realize that 135 is my ideal weight. I am 139 now. Sounds dumb to worry about 4 lbs, but I carry my weight around my hips and it just looks funny with a tiny upper body. My ass is and has always been much larger than the rest of my frame, but that’s ok. When my ass starts to grow sideways, that’s when I know it’s time to check the scale.


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