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One of the neighbors passed away this week. She lived over the field from here, but her house can’t be seen due to some trees. She has a son that was a year or two ahead of me in school. I didn’t really know her that well myself, but she spoke at my Grandfather’s funeral seven years ago. I learned that my Grandparents used to go camping and fishing with them. Hearing of her death made me think of Travis.

Travis used to go down the road and visit one of the neighbors. I never really understood Trav’s interest in Jack. I used to talk to Jack when he’d show up next door. He rarely got out of his vehicle, and had his little dog in the vehicle with him. I thought he was weird. Travis though would walk the half mile down to Jack’s farm, or sometimes ride a bike. He’d spend hours there.

Travis also used to go to the nursing homes and visit people there. He had a genuine interest in older people. He enjoyed talking to them and spending time with them. He had a gentle caring way in dealing with them.

On a different topic about Travis, he came up in conversation today. Grandma was telling her caregiver about how Travis once told a friend of his that Grandma has salad for every meal. He added that if she thought she could get away with it, she would have it with breakfast too. Grandma always made salads for Travis because she knew he liked them.


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