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practicalvisionary is overflowing with gratitude

FlyLady: Complete Beginners' BabySteps (read all 5 entries…)
Day 5

Restarted again. This is the first time I have made it to Day 5’s assignment – writing down what the negative voices in my head are saying.

Here’s what some of the nagging, negative voices are saying:

- There’s no point even starting. You’ll never catch up with everything you have to do.
- It will take forever.
- Every time you make even a little mistake or don’t do chores perfectly or fail to keep up with routines, you ruin everything and have to start all over again.

Here are some of the nice things I am saying to myself to negate those ugly words the negative voices said:

- I don’t need to catch up! I can jump in right where I am!
- I can do anything in 15 minutes. If I go slow and steady and take babysteps, then I can get through anything!
- Even housework done incorrectly blesses my home, my loved ones, and myself. If I miss a day, then I can just jump back in where I am!
- I am really fantastic at cleaning! I have fun with my routines! I like taking care of myself! Getting things done makes me feel good.

Now I’m going to sleep on the nice clean sheets I put on the bed for myself so that I can wake up to my shiny, clean bathroom.



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