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lose 50 lbs (read all 6 entries…)

So I figure right now wasn’t the best timing for it, but I got the reminder from 43 things to weigh in. I’ll do it again tomorrow morning, first thing after going to the washroom, prior to showering. But! Fully clothed, having just eaten, and haven’t used the bathroom in over an hour; 227.5 ! I’m pretty sure I was wearing the same clothes as I did last weigh in. So with luck that’s actually a semi-accurate readout as to how much I’ve lost :) It’s not huge, but 3lbs is a great start, considering I’ve missed a couple rounds of jumping jacks! Although, I’ve been walking around downtown for several hours almost every day, applying for jobs and hanging out with friends I keep running into down there.
Tomorrow I do the follow-up with my doctor and turn in my food diary. So hopefully she and I can figure out together what I need to change!



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