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establish a volunteer department at memorial hospital west (read all 3 entries…)

i remember at one point…around like 2 weeks or so, I had enough of volunteering at the pharmacy….and my friend had this huge b-day party that I was invited to that included a slumber party also and I wanted to go ssooooooooooooooooooooooo badly, but I couldn’t, you know why, b/c my mom MADE me go to volunteer even though I didn’t feel like going and it was still in spring break when I needed a break BIG TIME. I was pissed off and mostly sad and I was thinking to myself why am I trying so hard to establish a volunteer department, give UP ALREADY and I was just so unsure that I had to call my friend and txt my other friend, who both supported me in this goal and told me to keep on persevering! However, I still feel into this deep depression and I was not having fun at my friend’s party in the beginning and I was indulging in so much uneccesary food in my body. That day, I felt like I was going to crash a car (when my mom let me drive to my friend’s party) b/c of that huge depression and anger that is suppressed in me. That night, since I couldn’t do the sleep over (the nite before the daylight savings of springing forward), I decided to take advantage of not going to the sleepover and write a letter to the boss of ICU to take kindly request that a ICU department a memorial hospital open room for volunteers (including teens =D ) and the reasons why and my understanding of the incident of the elderly but possible solutions, and I remember sleeping really late that night…..GOD answered my pleading of depression by actually having a good time at the Pharmacy and one of the staff memembers were giving me advice on personal problems, even this one staff member who seemed to be cold towards me were actually trying to be warm towards me. God also answered my prayers b/c 2 weeks later…IT GOT APPROVED! I’m so happy! The only thing I’m waiting on is to call my supervisor to switch me into the ICU department. I’m going to miss the Pharmacy staff, I’m going to say my good-byes tommorow.



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