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Simon Unpacking is almost finished... moving is hard!!

reduce, reuse, recycle
You should have seen this!!

The other day, I saw that old man washing his driveway with his garden hose…. the friggin’ snow is not even melted yet that he already does that!!! COME ON!!

On my part, I’M doing very good lately!! We moved a couple of weeks ago and we took the occasion to clear some of the stuff we had!! I took nearly 2 full carloads of stuff to give to the poor and we had extra large amounts of recycling over the last 2 weeks because of the move and stuff we recycled instead of putting in the trash!


Collectorofcats If you try being original, you can bet on being copied.

I have neighbors

Who have automatic sprinklers that go on 3-4 days a week in the Summer at 4 AM rain or shine. So here I was last week leaving my house and it is raining and their sprinklers are on.

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