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Have you

heard of challenge.meyouhealth?

I totally love it, If you have a facebook I would gladly friend you so, I can sent you an invite, or look me up.

Cheers to all



oh sure

I’ll join you. send me a pm :)

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It looks cool, it’s just too bad it has to be through Facebook. It does look like a really fun thing though.

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It looks as though...

... you can view the daily challenge without signing up. When you click on the sign up and then close the window that popped up, another window popped up discussing ‘worries about facebook privacy’. On the lower right hand side there is a link to view the challenge without signing up, so at least you can see what the challenge is and just have fun having a go!

I've decided...

...to do the challenge as a goal! ThanKs for letting everyone know about this!

*Takergirl* 3,2,1.... LET'S JAM!


cool 2! as long as you can get use out of it. really like this site!

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I'll join!

Sounds interesting. :)

Geo58 Former NFL Pro Bowl Junior Seau dead at 43

Sure, sign me up my face book

profile page is

*Takergirl* 3,2,1.... LET'S JAM!


I got you as a friend on facebook just send you an invite!

Geo58 Former NFL Pro Bowl Junior Seau dead at 43

is your 43 thingers name...

the same as face book? or something completely different?

*Takergirl* 3,2,1.... LET'S JAM!


it’s my name Amber Cantwell

Geo58 Former NFL Pro Bowl Junior Seau dead at 43

I already found out...

Thanks Amber: when I saw the “challenge me you health. Thank you. It’s fun to do and makes me feel good to do this type of thing. I already started, LOL

Becca is focused.

I just joined too! Thank you for letting me know about this. I already completed today’s challenge! I am having issues connecting to Facebook, though, that they don’t seem to think they can fix on their end. It won’t let me post anything or invite friends. I will try again tomorrow.

*Takergirl* 3,2,1.... LET'S JAM!


welcome, I’m sorry, that’s what I don’t like about facebook alot of issues. hopefully facebook can resolve their issues and you can ivite people. :)

Sounds cool! I’ll check it out.

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