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My Paris

My 2 sisters, my Mom, an aunt and uncle, and a cousin all left for Paris yesterday for 10 days. My sisters and cousin are going to run in the Paris Marathon on Sunday.

I am very inspired by them concerning this trip…and a little jealous! It has taken a lot of planning and discipline,and is not only a fun trip, but a spiritual one for them. I got to thinking…I can have my “Paris” right here at home! While they are gone having their adventure, I am going to make it a point to be getting myself out there out of my comfort zone! Adventure and awakenings! When they return, and we sisters get together to talk about the spiritual side of their trip, I will have my own to add to the stories!

I am going to keep a list so I will remember what I have done. So far:
*yesterday I e-mailed some Reading teachers from other schools and
asked them if they would like to do lunch on Friday, so that is
planned for tomorrow
*I asked my friend who I haven’t seen in 2 months if she would like
to go out for supper tonight, and we did
*I joined the discussion at our new CG group
*I asked my Dad to take a trip with me to visit family on Saturday,
so we have that planned


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