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become a mermaid (read all 3 entries…)

Was snooping around a website, and I came across something fantastic! Mermaid proof! It can’t be a human because the tail moves like a wave whereas fake mermaids move around the knee joint! Also, the tail goes too thin for human legs to fit in! Is it a REAL mermaid? :D I knew they exsisted!

EDIT: Forgot to actually link you guys to the video . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNb0K_KVpJk There!


denobono999005 denizmenacebonbon@gmail.com

I kinda remember that I saw that video before you shared It!! maybe I have seen It after one of my ballet clases!!!I usually dont remember the 1 hour after my ballet class!!!well I think Its real!!
I totally beleive in mermaids!!!

It looks real so I’m pretty sure it is! :D Hard to fake at THAT level :3
I believe too! :D

Thank You!!! Fianlly To Show Non Believers The Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You So Much, Bless Your Soul!

Aw :’) I’m glad you’re happy to see it, it’s very interesting! :)

mermaid_fae will become a mermaid, no matter what...


That’s really cool. Your right- the tail is too thin to be a humans legs and it does not bend. That’s amazing!

Very! :D

That video was taken from somewhere else. It didn’t originally belong to this person.

And I’m sorry, but I see the tails bending where knees would be in every clear shot…could you give me the time for one where it doesn’t?

Well that’s your opinion, but I can’t see the “knee”, I just see the tail move like a wave, plus, it’s too thin for human legs.

I don’t see how the tail is too thin, either…it’s about as think as the rest of the body, according to my screen…

It thins out so if it was a fake that person would of had very short legs

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