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kerrythekyd is home in Amsterdam

be my own boss
Time for my baby

I am 4 months pregnant and working in consulting. I’ve been very successful at this job despite being quite young and having to learn lots on the job. I’ve also never been in a place where I feel more valued or where I can express my talents better.

But I have a baby on the way and the circumstances under which I work are contrary to my core values about how I want to raise my baby. I want to be present and not trading a few stolen hours with my baby for money (albeit a lot of money)

I’m looking for a way to make money, be happy and yet be at home in the afternoons and evenings. Morning only work, or work when I need to only.

What can this mystery job be?That is the questions


What a great decision on your part at such a young age. Being with your child is the greatest gift in life and is something to cherish for the rest of you and your child’s life that continues throughout their lives. Having satisfying and profitable work at home is surely a way to have everything that you want and need.

Alan Sopher is living life to the fullest and has never been happier! : )

Lets both achieve our goals!

Hi kerrythekid, happy wednesday to you!

I’ve got a goal to help people get a job they love and become financially independent. Why not help each other out? 2 people get a goal accomplished instead of one! How does that sound? : )

email me: asopher@gmail.com



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