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Jae Rich is going to love life.

survive as a step parent
I'm sure my son wants to survive as a step son, too!

It’s so hard being a step parent to a teenager who is defiant with his own mom. His dad doesn’t really parent – he just supports whatever our son has going on – and as of late – those are court hearings. I have a lot of say to a lot of things, but never where any legal matters are concerned. I know it’s because I would enforce at least what the law has stated where he’s concerned.


Midnight_Vampire I hate the sun, it's been annoying me all day.


Welcome to the site. =)

Is he in any trouble?

Jae Rich is going to love life.

Yes - Trouble

Yes, he’s in trouble. He is not in compliance – again – with his court order – school, curfew and check in with PO. He has done none for the last three weeks. We have not heard from him for two.
Are you a step parent or a step child? I am both. I am an adult now though. (-:

Midnight_Vampire I hate the sun, it's been annoying me all day.

A step child.

I had nothing but love for my step dad, he really helped me and my sister out, when my mom went berserk. Well when he was there anyways.

I’m just glad that i can’t remember all of it.

When i think of my birth dad, i feel nothing for him, if he really cared for my big sister and me, he wouldn’t have left.

Oh anyway..

What did he do?
Have you tried to talk to him, i mean literally talk to him, with a calm voice and a calm face.

What is the problem?

Ooooh, this sounds familiar. My sympathies.
Just make sure he knows you’re on his side. Dealing with the legal system is hard enough, and when you feel like you’re on your own, things get overwhelming quickly. It can be easier to just give up on the whole idea of “compliance”, especially when it comes to long term parole. I was in a similar situation a while back, and if my (furious) parents hadn’t somehow managed to stay patient and engaged throughout, I have no idea how the whole thing would have ended.
Remember that legal wrangles don’t go on forever – while this might sound obvious, I think it’s easy to lose sight of the end. Best of luck.


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