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04/26/2011 Tuesday

1) God – I really don’t know what to call Him, for “god” just sounds too distant. He is our Father, Creator, Refuge… I’m thankful for Him today… I remembered how illogical it is for the earth to just have gotten so lucky for everything to happen and this planet sustains life. God is good, God is real…

2) K-love – love the radio station!!! So good, so positive.

3) developing relationship – with my Lord! Sometimes I feel as if I’m missing out in life, not walking in my flesh and completely abandoning my beliefs and truths. Then as I listened to K-love I realized and remembered how AWESOME it is to live for the Lord!!!

4) my sister – the more and more that I dwell on how much of a servant my sister is, the more amazed and inspired I get! She pursues God – absolutely pursues Him! That’s so beautiful! And my nephew and niece are also followers!!! I’m so glad we know the Lord and I’m thankful for His amazing grace and blessings upon our family!!! I ABDOLUTELY LOVE YOU LORD!!!!

5) great messages – our past makes us stronger, and a lot of times we have to go through the valleys in order to appreciate the mountain top. We are more than our past mistakes, we’ve been remade. I love what God has allowed my sister and myself to go through. I love my sister’s strength, faith, wisdom, character. I love where my heart is at. I may not be perfect, but I do try my best to treat everyone respectfully, the way I’d want to be treated, and I try to love people as best I can. I know I have a ways to improve in this category, but I love where I am – it’s not bad and a lot better than where I was before. :D



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