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Looking for a sponsor

Living in this world is very difficult. Everything here need money, I am an unemploy young person studying at the University of the South Pacific. I am relying on my parents financial support. My dad is the only person who work in my family but his salary is not enough to face all the financial need from the family and for the education. I have younger brothers and sisters. I wish to fulfill my dream to become a financial supporter to my family but I cannot fulfill this dream because of the financial problem I have at the mean time. I cannot afford for my course materials and my bus fare, how can I afford to support my family financially.

I alwasy wish to be graduate with a management program.so if you wish to be my sponsor and i appriciate it.


schoolanduniversity Help Me Find a School, University and College.


I always thought it will be easy as an when I complete my graduation and will go the market where I belong!



I want to:
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