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List all my 'immoral acts' for a week so I can see what a nasty person I really am (and to amuse PurpleGirl) (read all 10 entries…)
Last week I think

I locked a woman in the toilet by mistake. Seriously…

I was in cafe Nero while my friend ordered a take-away coffee to fill his flask up with. I figured I might as well use their toilet, so asked for the key to go their toilet. The ‘barista’ gave me the key, which came with a huge metal spatula keychain. I went to the toilet and unlocked it (I think) to open it. Oh! There was a woman on the toilet taking a really smelly dump. Jesus it stunk!

In shock I quckly shut the door and Locked the door (as the door literally opened right up into the main seating area) and I didn’t want to be responsable for anyone else walking in on her by accident.

Still in shock I just returned the key to the ‘barista’, didn’t say anything and imemdiately left the venue in embarrassment.

Occured to me later that this woman probably only got into the toilet as it’d most likely been left unlocked. My locking it might have trapped her inside! Don’t know. Opps. It was almost closing time, and I know from the past that mobile coverage is very patchy in that Nero. Oh dear. Poor woman. How evil am I?!


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your version of events

is far funnier! Very stoogie.
Made me giggle.

Hawk~ History's mystery

I couldn't help noticing

the date of your entry (May 11, 2011) and contrasting it with today’s date (Nov. 28, 2011)—a span of some 5+ months. And it occurred to me that this is a very long time indeed for you not to have chronicled any immoral acts. And yes, I am disginguishing between your recording an act for us all to share, and your commiting such an act. You must admit, for us to conclude that you have not done anything worth mention here in the subject period of time strecthes credulity to its breaking point.

So, please, won’t you share?

I’m not asking for a complete accounting, just one or two that stand out from all the others


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Well, good point.
Seeing as you have asked I’ll have to divulge all my latest dirty stop out double dating misdemeanors…

I’m back with my ex “Goat J”.
Hawk – he’s such a great shag. young and fun. yum
But also some guy “MrB” seems to think he and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.
Opps. how did that happen?
It’s weird as me and this said MrB have not kisses, screwed or even held hands. In fact there is no intimacy between us, yet he still seems to think that he and I are ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.
Weird, huh? he’s not interested in sex. how odd is that?! Plus I’ve told him directly and clearly that he and I are not an item.

sorry, the incoherent ramble is due to rather a lot of recent alcohol intake. I’ve been drinking with a spoilt American client who’s clearly in breach of her contract, yet she is stamping her feet threatening to sue and seek legal advice! bloody nut. I thought drinking might make her see sense (she is Irish American) and it seems to have worked somewhat.

Hawk~ History's mystery

Coincidence? Or fate?

My ex is a J, too.

But not so young, and not so… Well, I shouldn’t be indiscreet.

As to B… I’ve seen your photo. Not interested in sex? Then he must be interested in your money. Poor fool. He obviously doesn’t know what to do with a treasure. That’s downright criminal.

And spoilt American woman? Isn’t that doubly redundant?

heh…just kidding, Ladies

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You are too kind. Thanks.
Usually it’s my long slim legs that pull the guys.

Hawk, do you ever take your hat off?

Hawk~ History's mystery


Hubba hubba (but you might want to take a break from those pointy-toed shoes before your feet stay that way).

The hat comes off under the right circumstances

purple_lady “Difficulties break some men but make others.” -Nelson Mandela


for great shags and inadvertant two timing and excessive alcohol intake!
You are doing me proud.

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