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I am trying SO hard not to spend any of my “emergency savings” but since last pay day (last Friday) when I put another $150 in to get to $250 the following things have happened (without me planning for them in my budget):

Coolant in car ran out ($16.00. which luckily i had left over from my previous pay period). Bought it…luckily I didn’t have to delve into savings.

My medication is going to cost me $75.00. WHY? God knows. I still have to call my insurance. My decision…. guess I’m not getting on that med this month. Will be ok. It’s BC so I’ll just have to be responsible other ways.

Glasses broke. They aren’t holding together very well. Am going to try to glue them. My solutions…. glue. I have a trial pair of contacts that will hold me over at least for another week or so. Boss and his wife gave me a pair of frames (not very cute)that got left in their office. Am going to see if Walmart or Site for Sore Eyes can pop new lenses in them….

Last night my car did this weird thing where even though I was stepping on the gas it stopped reacting…and stared decelerating. It’s done that before but only as a hiccup… so I hadn’t thought much of it. This time it was longer. I ended up having to pull over but then was able to drive off like nothing. Check engine light has been on… This is pretty good indicator that I need to take it in to get checked out..and I need to read the manual and learn more about my car. Solution? I don’t know… I have no money…. maybe a diagnostic visit won’t cost too much if I can find the right place?

My cats have fleas. I was going to wait until next pay day to buy their medication but it’s become SUPER obvious that at least for one kitty I need to get her on meds instantly. I looked up symptoms and she seems to be allergic. She’d torn out her fur a while back so I have her in a cone but while the fur is coming back the sensitivety isn’t going away and yesterday and today she’s freaked out like something was attacking her (pain? and definitely fear). She was so scared that she peed both times. My decision on this? Skip the phone bill this pay period and get the flea meds… hopefully I can keep my phone on long enough to get through the pay period…either way I’m downgrading.

The more worrisome part of this cat pee thing is that the pee has no odor and is super clear. I googled that too and all I can find is kidney failure and diabetes articles. So, now I have to add vet to the list. Solution: I found a coupon for a free preliminary visit…. Am trying to set something up. My worry though is that they’ll want to run tests and give her meds that I can’t afford….

So, I think I have workable solutions right now…except my car, really…. I can’t take any more this week though… seriously. wits end over here.


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thannnk youuu

gosh, thank you. this is such an amazingly helpful and hopeful email.

Car is a 2003 VW Jetta (1.8 Turbo engine). It was low (definitely not empty) on gas at the time that it really decided to not register the gas pedal… My new project is to read the owner’s manual and start checking stuff out that I can do easily. I’ll look up fuel filter…

Cat: yeah, she’s pretty intensely overweight for a kitty…but the thing is she never has accidents except for these two times and they seem to be directly related to when fleas get her. She got bit and I think it hurts so much that she feels stressed/scared. She’s pretty traumatized (I haven’t been able to figure out why) and is scared of people, noises, other animals, unexpected stuff. So the past two accidents have coincided with her jumping up, hissing, growling and trying to bite at her own back… it’s not until shortly after that I notice the pee puddle where she was sitting. I think it’s a fear product. First time she peed on a pillow that I haven’t thrown out yet. It has developed an odor and a color. So, I’m at a loss righ tnow. I will call the Humane Society and I found a clinic that does first free visits… (problem also is that i have an aging cat which I am trying to get to gain weight..oh great…weight loss and weight gain all in one room) so I’m already buying two kinds of food… wet and dry store brands…. willing to switch for sure but I’d really like something that can work for both cats…. maybe that’s too optimistic

Glasses… thank you! that’s a great idea!

thanks for the encouragement. I’ll get through it somehow… It’s just a matter of if I can do it without delving into the savings I FINALLY have. My housemates offered to give me advantage they have for their pets. so, i think for the time being at LEAST that’s solved… hopefully that will make a drastic improvement for white kitty.

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you are awesome. thank you so much <3

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