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she's afraid of the light in the dark is studying intensely.

floss regularly (read all 4 entries…)
part of my routine

is to brush my teeth and tongue with herbal toothpaste , rinse, gargle peroxide and swill around my mouth, rinse, brush again with
the wet (without toothpaste) toothbrush, floss, then brush a final time with the wet toothbrush, then rinse. it leaves my mouth completely clean without tasting like fake mint, and my teeth are naturally whitened. sometimes I’ll also massage my gums with a little olive oil after brushing, and before I use the peroxide.

note: peroxide is NOT bleach. do not confuse them. this is hydrogen peroxide, a clear, pretty much odourless liquid that comes labelled as peroxide in the medical aisle. it can also be used as a disinfectant, and is a good gargle for sore throats. make sure you don’t buy bleach or any sort of product not pure peroxide!


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she's afraid of the light in the dark is studying intensely.

it’s annoying and seems to pointless but I know I’m meant to do it. I definitely recommend the peroxide, though; it tastes a bit weird (not bad), and your mouth feels really nice afterwards!

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