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dragonfly35 April is here!

Become a certified Yoga instructor. (read all 49 entries…)
Home stretch!
We finish the program June 5. It looks like I may still need to finish up a requirement or two after that date before I can register with Yoga Alliance, but I’ll be close.
  • 21/24 training workshops one weekend to go – mostly our exams and graduation!
  • 7/10 meditation hours 3 classes to go
  • 8/13 studio classes (observation) 5 classes to go
  • 11/15 studio classes (participation) 4 classes to go
  • 1/2 class assists 1 assist to go
  • 5/8 mentorship hours 3 hours to go

Although I’m tired, I need to be diligent about going to the studio this week and working on my requirements.

My take-home written final has been submitted. I need to finish up my late flashcards/ scripting, and then I need to finalize my script for handing in. Next weekend is our anatomy exam, so I’ll be studying for that this week. Also next weekend, we teach our final class.


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