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Milky Marla will do less & work smarter

complete the 30 Day Shred (Level 1) in 123 days (read all 67 entries…)
Day 14 (Week 07)

Done. I’m alarmingly knackered to the point that I’m rather moody & edgy. Not exactly the anticipated result of exercise. Yet I still haven’t given up aiming to make it to Day 30 before the deadline in 2,5 weeks. Jeeez! That really sounds like a mission impossible now. Urgh!


Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

are you

eating enough? sleeping enough? the shred is a killer!

Milky Marla will do less & work smarter


...love eating and sleeping…so doing OK with those. However, I’m lacking proper days off. Been working straight since 16th May and only had one day off that week also. Sigh!

Milky Marla will do less & work smarter


Just realised that I’ve got till 19th June to complete this goal. Phew! I might be able to do 15 more shredding days till then. Fingers crossed!!!

john_swale is just gonna go

You can do it, you’ve made me want to get onto this now. So I can blame you :D

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