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pay off my debt
Workin' on it.

$42,000 in debt. Got a job that pays roughly $2,000 month with expeditures at $1500 a month. Trying to spend rest on paying down debt. Got a second job pizza delivery driving for that extra cash I wanna blow or pay more down on debt. Debt is mostly student loans then credit cards and $7900 left on my newer car.
I also have been doing surveys online and make only about $30-$50 every two months on them. Use that to pay extra on the smallest credit card. It helps. I use treasure trooper and inboxdollars. Only ones that actually have paid me. Check it out but if you do give me credit by clicking link: http://www.treasuretrooper.com/687381

If I get down to at least $20,000 I will be happy than I am now. ;( I feel like is a bottomless pit of debt!!!


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You Can Do It

Your debt is almost a fifth of what my debt was last century. I was able to dig myself out by doing extra jobs like you’re doing. Even after I paid off my debt, I continued doing a couple of the jobs because I liked having the extra fun money to spend. Now my extra job covers the cost of gas.

You have a good plan. Stick to it and this will be over before you know it.

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