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Scarlett Emo Sweetbriar How many times can I break 'till I shatter?

become a witch (read all 4 entries…)

This goal isn’t dead, Aquamarine, just few people post here anymore. I get tons of e-mails from this everyday. If anyone wants to become a witch and needs a mentor, and a real witch with real spells, my dears, all you must do is come to me. I’m like a Mother to some people on here. E-mail me at ImmortalCastle@yahoo.com so I can mentor you and teach you all there is to know about witchcraft and Wicca, and of course about the great Samhain, which is alittle while from now, as the moon is only a waxing crescent.

I have taught many in my witchcraft school, which is now out for the summer, and I will teach many threw this summer to become great witches. But you must give up God, if you want to be true witch.

May the Goddess bless you my dears.

)O( Blessed Be )O(



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