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keep a dream journal (read all 2 entries…)
Finally had a dream that when I woke up I felt I HAD to write it down...

I was at some kind of resort in the mountains. For some reason I had the presidential cabin by myself and my parents had another across the lake. In the middle of the night I decided to get up and go tell my MOM to come and stay in mine because it was nicer. I sent her ahead and I walked back alone in the rain in wet grass. When I got there the secretary at the desk(for some reason I had my own desk and secretary in my cabin gave me a horrified look when I asked if my mom had been there- then some random lady was like awwww shiiiiit u in trouble to the secretary, and apparently he wouldnt let my mom in and had said she was crazy and just trying to get in my cabin. I then flipped out telling him how she had gone to college twice, had been wv teacher of the year, and he was going to regret treating her like that.

Then it ended.

I think partly it was because I dont think my mom gets the respect she deserves and even as a 22 year old I get very offended if they treat her disrespectful in any situation because of how hard shes worked all her life….craziness. I even went online to interpret it and it was looooooong….lol


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