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Have you ever.....

made love ‘Had Sex’ on the beach ????

would u ever do it ??


iamcarson Wag More; Bark Less!

yes. yes! YES!!!

and i’m wondering how long that photo will stay before it’s deemed inappropriate…

inappropriate ?

u think so … ;) ???
i like it, and i liked her face reactions too

iamcarson Wag More; Bark Less!

i'm not deeming...

i’m not saying it’s inappropriate but i thought the 43thing Gods might. i guess i’m still smarting from a post of mine being deleted.

iamcarson Wag More; Bark Less!


where IS the photo?

what do u mean where is the photo ??

where is it taken u mean ?


and yes

sitruunapuu loves ♥


I haven’t, but I’d like to :)

Yes and yes :o)

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!


But I would love to. For some reason, my husband seems to be stuck on only having sex in our bed, either first thing in the morning, or when we go to bed.

I’ve tried getting him interested in sex during the day, generally not interested.

I don’t know what it would take to get him to have sex on the beach.

morning sex is wonderful :))
but to just strick sex to 2 timings only and one place that is unfair..

sex is freedom, and he should give it more chances to bring him and urself more enjoyment and happiness

Spyrunner I'm back


and I would be scared too. I know a couple that got frisky on the beach. A cop waited until they were done and gave them a ticket. They are now on the Michigan Sex Offender’s website.


That seems a little harsh…

(This comment was deleted.)

Nope. I know it sounds like an interesting idea, but in reality – I wouldn’t want to get caught for one thing, and beaches in the UK I think it would be too cold often. Kissing on the beach is a different story though, that does appeal to me.

(This comment was deleted.)

Soucha seeking purity and cleanliness in her life.

No have not...

but I think a cabana or cottage on the ocean with a big deck would be a perfect place… ON the beach I’d be concerned with sand in unwanted places.

(This comment was deleted.)

Dragon_Lady Loving that 43 Things encourages me to accomplish more in my life!

Did so when I was younger...

Words of advice:

Sand. Gets. Everywhere.

It’s not conducive to spontaneous lovemaking.


but I would =) \
Can a riverbank count or how about in the river? If so yes and yes =)

of course it counts

but i guess u will need to deal with the mud, instead of the sand ;)

YES, YES, & YESSSSS :)))))

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