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Transition Transformation

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mrsrad is reengaging with the working world

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I'm creating this goal

to both share and document my summer of mrsrad. I am changing jobs, as is my husband. I have a new dog. I’ve lost almost 25% of my body weight in the last six months. I have an opportunity here to take this transition, which is both exciting and uncomfortable and recreate my life to be the kind of life that I want it to be. I am scared and exhilarated. I have so many opportunities. I think I might clear off many of my 43T goals and recreate those which are most important to me. I will use this as a to do list and a diary. A stream of consciousness and perhaps awake from unconsciousness. Come share my journey with me. Create your own journey. This is a journey and not a destination. That is something for me to remember, I will never just “get” there or be there. I will “become” who I want to be and how I want to live my life.

So off we go . . .


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