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Take at least 1 genealogy research trip this year
A couple of years ago

My grandfather does most of the genealogy research in the family, so a few years ago my wife and I drove my grandparents back to his hometown of Paris, TX to clear up a few things he was looking for. Given his age, it was really sad to hear him say that he expected it to be the last time he went back. In any case, I saw his old home, his parents’ graves, etc. When we went looking for some other gravesites behind a Baptist church, I wandered into the back, really old section, and recognized some last names as being that of his mother’s family. When I brought him over to see, he was excited to realize that they were his great-grandparents! He knew their names and approximate dates but didn’t have any real information on them. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Genealogy trips don’t always have to involve processing stacks of documents in the local courthouse or library. They can be a wonderful way to connect your (living) family even closer.


tracing the past

You’re an interesting person. I hope you gather information on the history of women an families in the US. Genealogy is a wonderful platform for understanding a history of society that wasn’t written or influenced by industry; it is the human history of what we believe about ourselves. I hope you have some time to write about your grandfather as a social person and how that related to his history. Ask him about his parents.

I wonder if people who immigrated to the West aren’t a gypsy breed who are forever destined to push the edge changed. My greatgrandparents were land developers there in the early 1900’s. My mother was raised by my greatgrandmother so I want to jog her memory and correlate that social trail to historical fact. I think the building of the West has close similarities to globalization today.

Tom Friedman seems to have a moist-eyed view of a ‘flat world’, perhaps in retrospect what we see is who got flattened. What I have gathered is people with benevolent intentions tended to bump into that bloody edge of discovery. It wasn’t something everyone wanted to do or survived. I wonder how much of your interest in technology was a biological need to be on that edge. I wonder if this isn’t also important to the history of women.


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