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Grieve my cat who has passed away
Thomas has left our lives

T’knight wanted to write this under one of his entries, but he was having computer problems so I offered to help.

Plus, I wanted this to be a separate goal, as this once-special cat deserves as much.

Here is the entry that he wrote for us:


He was solemn.

He was a lovely cat.

He talked with many syla-la-buls if you get my drift.



He was as strong as an ox.

All but for a thread….

From a carpet that he did shred.

Apparently he wrapped it around his tongue…

Antibiotics and surgery.

And now he is dead.

So please hug your pets, whomever and wherever they may be…

Do it now while you can.

I said good bye less than an hour before he died.

Love them while you can.

Farewell my friend.


tknight is t'done t'day

So we grieve.

And remember the good.

And that he had three great years…

And that we miss him.

TrueFreedom “The deeper sorrow carves into you, the more joy you can contain"

Awww,I’m really sorry about your kitty… I can tell this kitty was very loved….

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Sympathy cheer . . .

So sorry about your cat, Harmony and T’Knight. I know you gave Thomas the best life you could give him, and I know you will miss him. Hugs.

HippieChick2 ♥ Part Deux ♥ 2014 is our year to FLOURISH!!!♥

I am so very sorry . . .

I understand what it is to loose one of your best friends . . .

(((((HARMONY))))) (((((Tknight)))))

(This comment was deleted.)

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