accept that I cannot be perfect for everyone

I have to accept that I cannot please everyone. There may be some people who may not like me or love me, even in the future. But I should just be myself and accept that I am not perfect. I have to stand up for myself. If I have 2 options: one will please person A and another that will please person B; I should do the one that would please me. Even if I find a 3rd solution that pleases both A and B, maybe C won’t like it. I guess all situations in life will bring such problems and people are different and might want two opposite things frm u. Ur living this life for urself and not those people. Do what will make u happy.

Need to get rid of the negative self talk first of all. Its eating me away. I have done it before and I can do it again. Don’t know how it creeped its way back in.


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