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Just a few things

1. Someone is making me feel happy right now like tingly happy :D; though I want to see her so much I know I can’t right now. But I don’t want to sound odd so.
2. I’m fatter because I’ve slipped so I need to get back on that horse.
3. I bought some jeans today such a struggle. Thing is I am just kind of big sort of shoulder wise and hip wise and stuff so even dropping weight I’m unsure how many inches that’ll be.
4. I’ve if we’re being real…like right now I could be tidying my room for example but I’m just typing this. Not that it’s this holding me back I’d just be watching tv.
But thats my point I will do things but I have to think I can or that its the right time which is stuff a stupid thing.
It’s the same concept of…well its just procrastination. Simple as.

We had a training day today so left early thats when I got the jeans and walking to the bus stop luckily my bus was waiting and with a cheery smile the bus driver greeted me aboard by name before we set off.
I got off at my nana’s to meet my mum and got caught in some heavy rain, and then drove home. And drove well but there you go.
Was going to go to aikido but it’s not on today. If I’m honest I’m thinking of giving up I’ve not been for ages but I’m still paying and I don’t know if I can really go there time wise as it were.
Well tomorrow I don’t have anything in the evening so fingers crossed I’ll get some stuff done. But I do have lots to do and lots to do at work so


Yay! You deserve the tingly kind of happiness.

DivineSublime All Will Be Well

oooh, intriguing

Am glad you’re feeling perky!!

john_swale is just gonna go

lol I'm an intriguing sort of guy

Pinky and Perky :P

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