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sitruunapuu loves ♥

create a vision board
A few examples of things I want to include in my vision board...

- best health ever
- living on purpose
- meaning
- travel
- adventures
- excitement
- wonder
- awe
- joy
- spending a lot of time in nature
- beaches
- forests
- horses
- dogs
- meeting new people daily
- having a lot of fascinating people in my life
- a loving boyfriend who shares my love for travelling and finds it the best idea ever to travel around the world with me for a year on minimum on a low budget :-)
- fluency in English & Spanish, maybe getting my German & Swedish back to fluency as well
- living abroad
- optimism
- dreams
- courage
- backpacking
- collecting experiences instead of material things
- exploring spirituality further
- best food ever
- hugs
- meditation
- carpe diem
- hakuna matata
- living consciously
- continuing with a paleo lifestyle
- laugh
- genuine
- no fear
- growing
- learning
- being the change I want to see in the world
- swimming in tropical seas
- creative
- energetic
- inspired



Mathias Raison d'être


i must be stupid not knowing this .. but what exactly is a vision board?

sitruunapuu loves ♥

You probably get the best idea by looking at these: Vision boards at Google :)

Mathias Raison d'être

ah i see .. it seems cool. with that list it’s more a vision wall i guess :D

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