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I know it’s time to say it here: I’ve met a wonderful Danish guy with who we like each other a lot! That’s starting to get crazy…
I really don’t know what to do!! We’ve been with R for almost 5 years now.. and I always loved him so much, I’ve moved to his country because of him..
And now I just meet a guy sitting on a bench in front of me and loose my head. I do loose my head rather often as my “Stop the insane behaviour” goal says. But usually it doesn’t involve other people and if I did like somebody, they walked away then, unable to reach me again..
And now it’s totally different! We did exchange contacts and we do feel the same! This is really crazy! He just makes me feel so special..
All this influences my relationship in such a bad way! I hardly ever think of R any more. When I call him, I feel like I am waking up from a dream. I feel our love is deep.. but I feel I can’t concentrate on him now. I am constantly thinking about the other one! And the problem is that he does the same!..
Rationally he is hardly the right person for me: he’s older, I don’t know exactly but maybe 12 years older.. then he has 3 kids from 2 women.. this makes me think!! Although those kids are wonderful! I love kids.. the oldest one is only 8 years younger than me..
I’ve had relationships with older men before and after that I decided that it’s always better to stay with somebody of the same age.
Then the kids.. isn’t it better to build a family on your own?
But these arguements are only rational.. Irritionally I can see and I know that all this doesn’t matter! If I had no boyfriend I would say imideately “that’s love” and move to his country.
But I have a boyfriend. I’ve already done all these crazy things for him!
Maybe it’s better to analyse what makes me feel this way.
First of all, I hate my job. I know this doesn’t matter, but another guy seems like meaning “not having my current job”. In fact I love the job he is doing, and in general working conditions in Denmark are 10 times better than in Italy. Only the climate is not so great as here!
Then I like the attention I get from this guy! I so much love appreciation and from R I hardly get any. He thinks that if he has already told me that I am beautiful, then that’s enough and I know I am.. and the same way about everything.. and I am just begging for attention.. and the same when I do show my attention to him, he tells me that’s too much.
and this guy is telling me so many wonderful words, and words that I like to hear so much! I don’t know what does it cost to R to tell them to me..


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