purple_lady “Difficulties break some men but make others.” -Nelson Mandela

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Feel so disgruntled with this site

I now understand the frustration that caused so many users to leave here in recent months. My posts often dont show up, posts of people Im subscribed to are not showing up in my feed, I am getting email notifications of comments on my posts only sporradically which causes me to miss out on reading others comments. Because I am not getting all posts in my subscribed to feed I am missing important posts of people I care about. The site has become unpredictable, confusing and frustrating and I am not here even half the amount of time I used to be. I guess it is time for me to think again about how I use this site, which breaks my heart because i have loved it here. If you have commented on one of my posts or I have not noticed an important post of yours, please know I just cant keep track at the moment.:(


Spyrunner I'm back


This too shall pass. Think of it as a minor glitch that they’ll figure out.

purple_lady “Difficulties break some men but make others.” -Nelson Mandela

Thanks Spy

I wont go. I am, at worst, going to use the site largely for goal tracking and give up on having as much social interaction. I’m hoping things will improve.

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Oh, crap

I didn’t know we weren’t getting notifications! That explains why I’ve been thinking that my subscribers have been rather quiet.

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I know what you mean

I haven’t gotten any for a long while, and had assumed it had to do with me not being commented upon.

Back when things began happening here, I opened a mailing list and started a goal of “create a 43 Things Users’ Group”, with the idea of getting people together to interact with the Robots and reform the site…but it’s only gotten a little bit of interest, and I don’t have the time to put into making it big enough so the Robots will pay attention.

The only one whose behavior I can control is my own, so I haven’t been here as much. I’m hopeful that I’ll stay in touch with the people I wish to stay in touch with…of course, anyone can drop me a line any time and get my email address.

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