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Just when i feel I am over some things, some new stuff crop up. I had a parttime job and all of a sudden, the folks dropped me like a hot potato and went with another person who they say was just to fall in the gap. Now I have prayed that I get away but if you are going to put me out, have the guts to say so. I had a car note to now pay and this bothered me badly. still do. on top of that there is some money still due me. I am trying to deal with that. then, my bf has cancer and there are things I can’t tell him but they nag me. I worry he’ll die and I won’t be acknowledged at his funeral.but how to approach that subject? then, I have a new granddaughter, my very first grand period. sometimes I help take care of her.My ex has a big part in my eldest daughter’s life but not in my youngest and he interferes where he shouldn’t.there are times when the uglies come up at me. A couple of weeks ago, it bothered me real bad. so there. it is.



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