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James Gavin 2014 - Year of the Wood Horse

Regain focus (read all 4 entries…)
27/6/2011 - Small Changes

This week I intend to achieve:

1) Spend 1hr a day on the computer in total.
2) Spend 45mins at the gym at least 3 times a week.
3) No eating out except for Saturday night.
4) Eat only vegetables or fruit
5) Drink water or green tea only all week.
6) Complete 30 sit-ups in the morning and 30min stretching.
7) Pack my own lunch
8) Go to bed by 10.30pm each night.
9) Clean all my magazines.
10) List 15 things on Ebay.
11) Send 10 cards to friends.
12) Update all my contact’s details.

I will write a journal entry for each of the above on my results.


hallsi getting back to life after exams.

Well done!

Very inspiring. I’m currently working on a similar daily/weekly focus list.. Mine has a theme of detoxification. (Diet, lifestyle + possessions). Good stuff, keep it up!

James Gavin 2014 - Year of the Wood Horse

Aww thanks! Even though I didnt meet all my goals, I still felt like I achieved stuff. Because the time I wasn’t on the computer I may have read a magazine I wanted to read or cleaned the house or something.

Good look in urs! I hope to see u join the challenge. :)

Zarena has the most perfect doll for a daughter

Great ideas

Hallsi and Armarantine….. good luck with meeting these goals.

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