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viobio is accessing the underlying truths (until reaching sparkly happy!).

stop saying "you know" and "I mean"

Dude, check out a public speaking club through toastmasters.org. In the beginning, as you are aware of what you’re saying, you seem to get worse. But then you practice and people are supportive and you notice how much more credible you sound without the filler words.


DocD "Come in outta the rain to hear the jazz go down."

Don't forget "like" and "um"

Being a professional narrator, I am constanly aware of my speech (and everyone elses). I can’t stand the use of filler words and sounds. And, sorry to say, since you just used it above, I really find the word “dude” quite tiresome. Glad to see you are activly seeking to improve your speech. I wish more people had your determination.

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