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overcome hypochondria
I want this to go away!

Dear all,im glad if found out im not the only one in this world with this problem!Last year i was studying to enter university and the anxiety was way to much for me.Since i moved i always got problems(Which they do not exist ofc!)Started with eyes,then my lower belly hurted for many months.I though i had colon cancer,ovary cancer,but checked and nothing..i got muscle jerking at nights not always though-my legs pop all the time.i was thinking about neurological problems,that i was about to stop being able to walk or to speak.I had headaches when i studied and my eye hurted from the inside and i though i had brain tumor.Few months ago i though i had breast cancer.Then the tinitus in my ears.When a syptom stoped i was feeling free and telling my self..”omg when the next is going to come?Am i cursed or something?Why all these on me?”I envy people at my age that do everything they like without thinking about these things.Im just like a 70 years old woman who is just full of problems.Now i think i got problems with my teeth and also swallowing.I want this to stop.Summer comes and i wont stay in home a whole day.Im 19 and such problems in such big range its too much.People are not that delicate.They don’t get sick from the one day to the other.Something must go wrong.So i decited today that im too tired and im not enjoying my life as i should and i want this to change.I have the full support of my family who took me to many doctors but they got tired aswell like i did.Im a healthy person,working out almost every day and not eating much fat and sugar.Every click i hear in my body worries me.I’ll do my best i swear to my self,and i also recomend you to do the same!Life goes so fast and this is the best age we got!We have to enjoy it!!!Lets try before it’s too late!!!


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Mind Over Matter

Working in medicine, I often find myself comparing my own body to the symptoms that I am reading about. I could easily think I have numerous conditions, but I recognize that it’s just my mind making correlations. If you can truly change the way you think about your symptoms, then you’ll be able to do this.

Thanks for sharing your struggles and reaching out to us for help.

Agh, what an awful thing it must be to live in such fear. I hope you over come this. Have you considered seeing a psychologist or counselor? I don’t know if there are any books on the subject but I imagine it could be a relief to know there are others like you and feel some sense of community. Fear is isolating enough.

Good luck to you.

Thanks a lot for understanding :) im working on it by myself at the moment trying to think positive!

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