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TheDoctorGirl is going to get VERY busy.

make my own cheese and serve it at a dinner party (read all 3 entries…)

...in a new town and knowing no one makes the dinner party part of this goal that much harder.


You need a connector

There are lots of people who know zillions of people and can connect you to a large number. I was one before I moved across country and I still act that way (even if my own social life is very skimpy). If you know some people who are very outgoing, ask them if they know some people they could bring to a party because you are looking to get to know more people. Chances are you know someone who has lots of friends and would love to share them. Don’t make a real formal deal, just have some food and a place to sit and eat and talk, maybe have a couple of games to play or something.

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