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Tokyo Mew-mew

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NanaKaru Is Happy she got her sis back!!!

mewmew stuff (read all 5 entries…)
Some questions????????

What if I want 2 be a wolf?
But don’t have any wolf food?
I have to print it out or can I write it neatly on a neat pieece of paper and then sllep with it?
And after u completed the form would u still have to sleep with the piece of paper?
If Im a wolf what type of powers would I get?

Ps: Srry 4 all the questions. I really just want to be a neko badly! HOPE U CAN HELP ME!!!! AROOOO


♒Serenity♒ Only one can unlock the key to my heart.

You can be Zakuro! =3
Our team is finally complete! =D
Ichigo (Dark)- MewMelon
Zoey (Light)-Me
Minto- Moonsong
Pudding- mewmew tiger
Lettuce- Shaila
Zakuro- NanaKaru! =3
You can print it out and maybe you should eat some ham or chicken because wolves eat meat. Can’t wait for the team to meet!
M3W ZO3Y- Nyaa! =3

NanaKaru Is Happy she got her sis back!!!

Me either Nya!
But….. how would we meet or were?
I guess I couldn’t I still got school and I have two other wolf mewmews in my school. But when I don’t go to school they explain to my teacher why im not there. But I can’t just keep making them lie to my teacher.
I would be happy as well if we all could meet though. I live in Ny! Nyaa!!!

NanaKaru Is Happy she got her sis back!!!

So then I do have to print out the wolf info?


I want to:
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