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kefir (read all 15 entries…)
whole kefir cheese, with seasonings. Also, whey soup?

I’m having so much fun experimenting! (tee-hee!)

I just took three cups of whole, fresh kefir and made cheese from it simply by heating it gently and straining it. Well, I also added salt, pepper, and rosemary for flavor.

It only took a few minutes. As the kefir warmed I soon saw it beginning to curdle and congeal. The white cheese grains collected on top, and began to stick together in a somewhat rubbery mass. I could see clear whey underneath when I pushed the curds aside with a spoon. Then I strained it through a cloth, saving the whey.

I never liked the taste of whey before, because it is so sour. But this time the spices made it taste more like a soup base. I’m glad I saved it! I’m going to add some vegetables later to see how that goes. I’m thinking carrots, onion, and cabbage would be very nice.

From about three cups of kefir I got two cups of seasoned whey and a generous half-cup of cheese. The cheese is thicker and rubberier than the ricotta I made before, but I think it will still spread very nicely on toast. I really like the new flavor. I will make this many times again, I can tell, especially for parties as an appetizer!

I’m not in the mood to cook anymore right now, so I’m cooling the whey in the fridge. I’ll make soup from it later, and report how that went.


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