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totocorde happy to see the blue sky!

learn to Hula Hoop
July 9

First of all, I have to find Hula Hoop for adult. The one for children is too light. This is an advice by my friend.


papergirl When I'm having a sad day, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

You can

also go to a kid’s toy store (Like Toys R Us) or the kid’s toy section at a big department store and practice by trying out the different sizes and weights to see what works for you. Just a warning, it does take a little while to get the hang of it but once you’ve got it, you’re good to go! :)

Good luck!

totocorde happy to see the blue sky!

Thank you!!

When I find the toy section, I look for hula hoop. But still I have not tried any. Next time I will try!

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To find an adult hoop

Go to Etsy.com
If you don’t want to do that then just buy one from Hoopnotica online, or there are other shops. Good luck.

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