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Things I Am Grateful For

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List 1125 (thanksgiving) things I am grateful for! (read all 52 entries…)

258. That I’m happy! Or, more correctly, that I’m not in pain, the pain/flashback isn’t lurking under the surface or something I have to run away from. It’s there, but it’s as it should be, sort of like the memory of a really painful episode in the past. It’s more immediate than that of course, but not very much.

259. For my resident amphibians, which means my garden isn’t poison to them: a garter snake and a frog. We used to have small, red salamanders too, but haven’t seen any of those in a year or two!

260-261.Dappled sunlight in the garden and a robin’s song.

262. Our new stone steps, all shiny with mica. Like walking up a lit staircase in the midst of the day, always feels magical.

263. The baker’s table I bought. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

264.Cinnamon roll bread pudding from the bakery. Yum!

265.The blueberries, beginning to blush from green to blue. The raspberries, some of them ripe like plump rubies strung together (and yummy too!)

266. Starting to write a social commentary as a piece of fiction and suddenly, there I am, in the midst of an sf story! [Where did that come from?] and it being okay. I’m not crazy, but it IS interesting! (I have to write more however, what I have is an interesting start, needs a middle and end too.)

267. That stuff sells at the antique store, not near fast enough, but it DOES sell…



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