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July - Apple Pie

Finally! We had a family lunch on Sunday and I made an apple pie from a recipe that I have never used before. It was really good, although there was a little too much juice in it. You had to mix 125g of brown sugar with 1tspn of cinnamon, then put the 750g sliced uncooked apples into it, mix it all through with your hands then put it in the pie case and top with a lid.
I prepared it beforehand and let it sit in the bowl until I was ready and there was a lot of juice that came out of the apples. It was a beautiful tasting syrup so I poured it over the apples when I filled the pie.
Not such a good move. The syrup ran everywhere when I cut the cooked pie and it made the pastry a bit soggy on the bottom. Definitely best to do it all at the last minute.
Will try it again sometime.
But, all that not withstanding, it was a beautiful pie.



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